Great Lakes Wetlands Conservation Action Plan

The Great Lakes Wetlands Conservation Action Plan (GLWCAP) is a cooperative program that involves federal and provincial governments and non-government organizations in efforts to establish a comprehensive wetlands conservation program for Ontario wetlands within the Great Lakes basin. The Action Plan’s goal is to create, reclaim, rehabilitate and protect wetland habitat in the Great Lakes basin. The Action Plan adopted eight strategies to work toward this goal:

  1. Increase Awareness and Commitment to Protecting Wetlands
  2. Improve Wetland Science, Data and Monitoring
  3. Secure Wetlands and Encourage Stewardship
  4. Create, Enhance, Rehabilitate, Restore, and Manage Wetlands
  5. Strengthen Legislation, Policies, Agreements and Compliance
  6. Strengthen and Support Local Land Use Planning and Commitment to Wetland Conservation
  7. Improve Coordination and Strengthen Partnerships
  8. Evaluate the Program

Specific activities under each of these strategies are undertaken by organizations represented on the steering committee (Environment Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Conservation OntarioDucks Unlimited Canada, Ontario Nature,  and The Nature Conservancy of Canada) as well as by other organizations and individuals concerned about wetland protection.

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